How do I download, print and review a course certificate?

How do I download, print and review a course certificate?

Learners are awarded a course completion certificate if they have completed a course by meeting the passing score requirements (70% or higher on the course assessment).
Learners do not need to review the study guide or course content to receive the certificate. 

You have two easy options for downloading and printing your certificate(s):
  1. Log in to the system (
  2. Option 1: My Certificates Report
    1. From your dashboard, click the My Certificates report in the Reports block on the right. A report will display, showing all certificates you have earned thus far. 
    2. Click the Download  icon to download any certificate.
  3. Option 2: Your Profile
    1. You can also go to your Profile page, as shown below.

      Your profile page displays.

    2. From there:
      1. Click My Course Certificates to view all certificates you earned for course completions.
      2. Click My Program Certificates to view all certificates you earned 
    3. Click the Download  icon to download any certificate.
At any time, you can return to the above pages to re-download a certificate.
The Dashboard will not be available if you do not have an active content license, but you can access your certificates if you don't have a license via Option 2 above.

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