How do I enroll an employee in a course?

How do I enroll an employee in a course?

Employees should only be enrolled in courses after a license including that course has been assigned to the employee. Instructions for doing this can be found here

After the license has been assigned to the user:
  1. Log in to the METALFORM EDU system ( and access License Management, if you are not already in that section.
  2. Click the Assign Licenses  icon next to the license you wish to assign.

    The License Details page should display all users assigned to that license.

  3. Click the Courses  icon next to the user to which you wish to assign courses. The Courses enrollments for "user name" displays.
  4. In the Select Courses drop-down:
    1. Option 1:
      1. Search for a course to add by entering a text string for the course (e.g. PMA-, HYD-).

        The courses with that text string will display.
      2. Click on the courses you wish to assign, and they will appear above the drop-down.
      3. Then click Save changes.
    2. Option 2: 
      1. Search for a course by clicking the down carat in the Search bar. The list will show all courses that are part of the license(s) assigned to that user. 
      2. Click on the courses you wish to assign, and they will appear above the drop-down.
      3. Then click Save changes
    3. Option 3: Follow the instructions for Options 1 and 2, but first narrow down the course list by selecting a category in the Filter by Category drop-down.
      Important Note: This filter filters not only the courses you can assign to a user, but also filters the list of courses below that are already assigned to the user.
    4. Option 4:
    5. Click the Select all Courses checkbox to assign the user all courses in the license.

    6. Then click Save changes.
  5. After completing any of the options above and clicking Save changes, the page will refresh and display all courses assigned to the user at the bottom.
  6. From here, you can see the enrollment date and license expiration date (End Time) for each course. You can also delete any courses you did not intend to assign.
  7. If you wish to assign courses to another user, you will need to repeat steps #3-5 above.

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