How do I view and create users (employees) in the system?

How do I view and create users (employees) in the system?

View and Manage Existing Users

To view users already in the system:
  1. Log in to the system (
  2. Click License Management  in the left nav.
  3. Click the Users tab. The Manage Users page displays with all of your users listed.

Manually Create New Users

To add new user to the system:
  1. Click the Create New+ button at the top right of the page. 

    The Create User page displays. 

  2. Complete the fields on this page. Note the following:
    1. All fields noted with a red exclamation point  are required. At a minimum, you will need to enter the following for each new user you create:
      1. Username 
      2. First name
      3. Last name
      4. New password
      5. Email address
    2. Email is a required field. However, if an employee (user) does not have an email, you can enter your own email or a fake email. 
    3. The User must change password on login checkbox is checked by default. It is recommended that you leave this setting as is.
    4. If your employees (users) do not have emails, make sure that you enter a password for them in the New password field, and leave the Generate password and notify user checkbox unchecked.
  3. Click the Create User button. The Users page reloads with the new user added. 

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