How do I approve my employees enrollment in a course if they self enrolled?

How do I approve my employees enrollment in a course if they self enrolled?

The system is configured such that employee self-registration in a course requires manager approval. Every time an employee requests enrollment in a course, it will appear in the Requests tab in the License Management section of the system.

To approve or disapprove employee enrollment requests:
  1. Log in to the system (
  2. Click License Management  in the left nav. 
  3. If you have new enrollment requests to approve, the Requests tab will have a number in parenthesis after it (see below for example).

  4. Click the Requests tab.

    1. To approve enrollment requests, click the Approve  icon next to the request you wish to approve. Click for all requests you are approving.
    2. To reject enrollment requests, click the Reject  icon next to the request you wish to reject. Click for all requests you are rejecting.

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